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Are you ready for the big time?

We explore why film should be at the centre of every business’ content strategy

Who has the time these days to scroll through Google to find out the ins and outs of your business? Your customers are often time-poor and easily bored. We keep hearing that no-one reads emails any more. But everyone loves a video. In fact, videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022 according to Cisco

Here’s why, in this post-text world, video works on every level:

  • Nothing conveys emotion like a film – It’s more powerful than text, allowing you to connect with your target audience and create an emotional bond. When you tell the story behind your brand or business face to face it’s easier to get your customers to like you, and trust you.
  • Videos are easy to watch and engage with – Your video is better than your best sales person because it’s there 24/7 and it’s easily shared between your key decision makers. What people watch on a video will engage them more than what they read because it stimulates both sight and hearing. And what they engage with, they remember!
  • Video is a big hit with SEO – it’s the number one piece of content that pulls in your customers. Google ranks video content higher than anything else. Put your video on your home page and visitors will be much more likely to click through to the rest of your site. And make sure you put it on Youtube and other social media. This will dramatically improve traffic to your site
  • Videos go viral – social sharing does your marketing for you. Over 90% of video watchers regularly share videos with others giving you the opportunity to reach much further than a traditional marketing campaign

Whatever the content of your video, it needs to be engaging, shareable and informative. It’s a good idea to keep it short too. Remember, Generation Z (those born between 1997 and 2012) has an average attention span of a mere eight seconds. If that came as a bombshell, watch this space because we’ll be looking at ways to keep your audience’s attention in a future blog post.

Latest from insta

We’re thrilled to announce that we have joined ISLA, a non-profit organisation founded by event professionals and industry leaders focusing on a sustainable future for events 🤝♻️

In June we attended the ISLA member forum at ‘TheMeetingsShow where it was fantastic to learn more about the organisation and how we, as agencies and clients, can put events at the forefront of the climate fight. Specifically, it was wonderful to gain insight about TRACE, which is the definitive carbon measurement platform to measure and minimise carbon at live, hybrid and virtual events. 

The forum was an incredible experience, our Account Director Natalie said: “It was great to be with industry peers, discussing the challenges our industry faces as well as the opportunities. Everyone there was like-minded, with a common goal. It was really inspiring.” 

We’re excited to go on this journey with ISLA and look forward to continuing to elevate the topic of sustainability whilst supporting our clients and community.

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"Thank you for being a truly stellar team."🙌

We really loved working alongside GSK to create a completely bespoke virtual experience!

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Meet Sally Nettleton, our Co-Founder and Director!

Sally has a background in theatre, directing, film production and stand-up comedy. Sally is an incredibly talented storyteller, director and producer!

"When people work with us want them to be relaxed enough to be their best and enjoy collaborating. Having a background in performance makes a huge difference, but equally understanding NLP and behaviour is invaluable. The story is always there, the skill is to develop rapport to be able to ask the right questions."

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We are so proud of the work we did with GSK in making a completely unique virtual experience to bring together a global team!

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Meet our Founder and MD, Lynn Chambers!

With a background ranging from stand-up comedy and singing to PR and film, Lynn is beyond proud to have created Toucan as a home for talent, creativity and incredible output. She has a passion for nurturing talent and creating a culture where everyone can thrive, loves pushing boundaries and is always ready for a chat.

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