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Film and content

Telling your story through film

The single most effective way of forging closer, empathic relationships between your business and the outside world is through film. How do we do it? Through clever ideas, skilled film-making and high quality production values.


Crafting your story

Our filmmakers have an uncanny ability to unearth the hidden gems that turn the mundane into the magical. But first, we need to discover what your goals are, what you want the audience to think, feel, know, and the action you want them to take after watching.

Whatever your film or video, we work with you to define your objectives and desired outcomes. Our creative team plans the concept outline and script, we schedule the film-making logistics, and carry out the all-important casting.


Your day on set

We run a tight ship on set but it’s great fun too!

Our crew will have a clear timetable of interviews, b-roll and filming/photography locations, with risk assessments, location permissions and health and safety all signed off.

When it comes to the actual filming, we always put your interviewees first. Whether they are telling a difficult, emotional story that requires patience and respect, are corporate executives with only a short time to film or actors/presenters filming a high energy piece that demands fast-paced fun and drive, we adjust our style to put everyone at ease.

It’s our aim to make the whole experience positive and enjoyable for everyone, cast and crew.


Welcome to the edit suite!

We handle all the photographic and film processing and editing after the shoot. Our highly-experienced editing team knows exactly how to cut a film to highlight the most moving and impactful elements of any story, ensuring your message comes over loud and clear.

Film-making services and the
types of content we work on

  • Video & podcast strategy
  • Concept creation
  • Storyboarding & scripting
  • Film editing
  • Podcast recording & editing
  • Photography
  • Motion graphics
  • Animation
  • Coaching for stage and in front of camera
  • Corporate film & videos
  • Documentary
  • Internal engagement
  • Consumer advertising
  • Comedy
  • Explainer and training videos
  • Reality
  • Hidden camera

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Film and Content

Film and content that triggers emotions and activates change is a powerful asset to your business. Our inspiring team tells profoundly moving stories and creates long-lasting connections.
Film & Content



Our team of event architects, studio creatives and executive producers work alongside you to design and produce bespoke experiences capable of resonating with a global audience, firing them up and bringing them closer to your business.



With insight and imagination, we craft effective multi-channel campaigns that help you identify and exploit opportunities to move your business forward.