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Bringing warmth to hard science by telling human stories


Increasing internal engagement among a disparate global R&D workforce.


GSK briefed us to design, develop and deliver a campaign telling the story of innovation through their outstanding people that would increase the sense of connection and teamwork among their global workforce.

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Humans look for points of connection. We want to be understood and to understand. We seek opportunities to connect and relate.

Business messaging, by definition, lacks the human angle. So does science. 

Turning science and business into opportunities for emotional warmth and connection by revealing the stories of the people behind the science was our route to engagement, telling genuine stories to connect, unite and inspire.


Outstanding people are a key part of the company’s ambition. If we could tell the stories in new ways, to illuminate the people behind the science, it could give GSK a great way to reach out beyond internal engagement to the wider world, underpin their new people purpose and mark themselves as different.

We know that powerful stories start with people. Underpinned by their new people-focused purpose, we showed GSK how to take a different approach, to push not just R&D but their whole brand in a creative, more emotional direction.


Our people-focused campaign of mini films and photo stories revealed the real people behind the science, in their own words and with warmth and humanity.


This approach was so successful it was shifted externally, and plays a growing and ongoing role in GSK’s new media and social media profile, expanding year on year and sitting front and centre of their new brand and website.

  • The quality of this work is absolutely excellent. What is particularly strong (really really strong), is the authenticity and how you’ve made science understandable while not dumbing it down. Combined it with a very human approach to storytelling I’m seriously impressed.  

    Feel very proud of GSK and your storytelling work. LOVE your work. Huge thanks to you all and the Toucan team.

    VP, Global Internal Engagement

    , Gov’t Affairs, GSK

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