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Building a transformational journey for innovation awards


A unique and evolving brief. A ceremony that’s different every time, with each year bringing its own unique set of challenges.

Celebrating transformation requires a transformational approach. How to shift the dial year on year to embody the innovation the client wants to celebrate?

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Transformational innovations are changes that shift the entire system into a new framework.

The best stories ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’, and the TMVA story is all about innovation. Too many awards ceremonies are ‘same old’, with identikit formats for decades, but with the theme of transformation, the TMVAs require a different approach – rethinking the format year on year to embody innovation itself.


For celebrating innovation to feel authentic, it must be approached in an innovative way. We’ve applied that methodology year on year by transforming and innovating the celebration itself with a new format, new structure and strong story to guide the evolution.

We wanted to show that it’s not just science that can innovate. Shifting the system into a new framework in response to each year’s specific challenges required a mindset change across the board, but the results have been truly transformational


Innovation isn’t just a word – it’s a way of thinking. Each year we created a new format, new structure and strong story to transform & innovate the event itself.


Every year, Toucan innovates and transforms to inspire and energise. The first 2019 event was in person. A shift to virtual during the pandemic in 2020 was followed by a hybrid 2021 ceremony with bespoke 3D platform. For 2022 a live broadcast with a shift to shareable content and renewed sustainability.

  • “I want to share a HUGE THANK YOU for all of your efforts to make today’s TMVA event spectacular. From the planning and prep, to the video shoots, to the platform build, to the gift boxes, to the awards show, there was not a detail missed, not a thing left undone. Your dedication to each other, to R&D and to making this event truly wonderful was evident every step of the way.

    We recognized R&D stars today, but I want you to know that in a sky full of stars, I saw you. Thank you for being a truly stellar team, I am very lucky to work alongside all of you.”

    Head, R&D Culture & Engagement,

    Communications & Government Affairs, GSK

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