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Helping everyone at GSK, all around the world,
move Ahead Together.


Empower GSK to harness a pivotal moment in their history; the launch of a new brand driven by a purpose that puts their people first.

The ask was to create an event that brought the entire company together as one. Something much bigger, brighter and bolder than they had attempted before.

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With bold ambitions for patients, GSK’s updated brand identity reflects its new purpose: to unite science, technology, and talent to make a difference in more people’s lives.

But in times of growth people can either be the greatest champions or the biggest threats to change in an organisation. So, getting stakeholders to buy-in, take ownership, and positively contribute to a change programme is crucial. Ownership comes from active participation, from a sense of involvement, of being ‘in it together’


Stories create human connection, uniting people across the globe by a single message.

When it comes to experiences that inspire, be they live or online, it’s all about the storytelling. We needed to create a hybrid experience that immersed the audience in the story of Ahead Together; helping everyone to feel a connection to the new purpose – GSK’s bold ambition for a better, brighter future – creating a moment of connection where everyone feels welcome, valued, included, and inspired.


A unified experience to unite and inspire a global workforce, including a live broadcast from five locations around the world, unique 3D platform and flagship London event, watching parties all over the world and hours of engaging content.

Toucan created the content, and led and managed the entire production. An incredible 39,467 people were there, with 26,752 viewing online and 12,715 spread across 235 watching parties, making our event GSK’s largest ever global live broadcast.

  • A very tiny note to say an enormous thank you for wrapping your arms around our precious purpose and engagement activity. For treating it like it was yours just as much as ours.  For the simply first class attitude you all continued to show from the word go, right up until and beyond ‘show day’.  Your client service is exemplary. It was clear from every single one of you, you all really cared about the outcome with us (not just for us).


    Global Internal Engagement, GSK

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