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The challenge

Accrington, a small town in the north of England, is one of the UK’s most deprived areas, home to some of the most vulnerable families and individuals. At the heart of the town’s Hyndburn community is the Maundy Relief, a drop-in centre that’s become a lifeline for thousands of people who are living on the margins of society. Maundy offers a wide range of much-needed services from free lunches and food parcels to emergency accommodation and housing advice, counselling, nursing care and befriending.

A 2020 winner of the GSK IMPACT Awards, Maundy stands out for its unique open-door policy that treats people as guests rather than service users. Staff members are trained to ask ‘what has happened to you’ rather than ‘what’s wrong with you’ – a subtly different approach that empowers people instead of victimising them.

Toucan’s brief was to create a film that conveyed the nitty gritty of Maundy’s work while also revealing the sheer humanity of the charity, its patience and understanding of people who, for whatever reason, have fallen through the cracks.

What we did

  • Story concept
  • Film production and direction
  • Film editing

Our big idea

“People who come here don’t get a lot of love.” This quote, from Maundy’s CEO, Lucy Hardwick, gave the creative team a lot to think about when they were scoping the storyline for the four-minute film.

We wanted to get inside the soul of the charity, conveying the care and compassion that runs through every touch-point of the charity.

We focused on the ways Maundy services its community, breaks barriers, improves health and well-being, and works in partnership with statutory and volunteer services. And we did it through a variety of voices, the charity’s CEO, its guests, and advocates from the community.

The impact we made

When we work with charities, there’s a lot of trust involved. They trust us to tell their story truthfully. Whatever we do creatively, they need to be able to recognise themselves which is why we never use a voiceover – we let the people we’re filming speak their truth. That’s what gives these films a strong sense of integrity.

Many of the films we make for the GSK IMPACT Awards go on to be used by the winning charities for promotion and used as a powerful tool to showcase their work and help leverage new funding.

To learn more about the community work carried out by Maundy Relief in Lancashire, visit their website.

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  • I’m amazed at the extent to which you and the team ‘got’ us in such a short time and how you conveyed that in such a short film. Everyone who has seen it (staff, volunteers and trustees) really loves it. We were having a conversation today in the drop-in how, despite many charities changing ways of working permanently due to the pandemic, we want to go back to exactly as we were when you made the film – it will be a totem for us.

    Lucy Hardwick

    CEO, Maundy Relief Trust

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